Personal development for the health and social care workforce

Inclusive solutions: a training day for best practice

Our associates Adele Hoskison-Clark and Vicki Hornby have delivered inclusion training to mainstream service providers.  This training day is designed to help them ake their services and activities more inclusive to disabled children and young people. It enables service commissioners and providers to recognise gaps in their service and provide them with knowledge and practical solutions to bridge those gaps.


Change management

Our associate Dene Donalds has delivered a number of change management workshops in Salford and Bury.


Dealing with change and team building

Our associate Dene Donalds runs a one-day workshop called “In order to support people who use services we must be supported ourselves.”  This workshop encourages participants to support themselves and their team members whilst continuing to offer a good level of support to people who access services and their families during the change process.


Learning awareness training – developing coaching and mentoring skills

Our associate Pauline Doyle leads this one-day workshop which supports participants to develop their coaching and mentoring skills and develop plans for using these skills either in life or the workplace.


Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions

Our associate Dene Donalds leads this work which supports people to learn new skills, be introduced to new concepts, increase their self-awareness and to understand their reaction. Participants look at and consider thoughts, feelings and behaviours in relation to change from a Behavioural and Cognitive perspective.


An introduction to mindfulness

Our associate Dene Donalds has delivered a number of introductions to mindfulness for people with learning disabilities, people with early onset dementia, families and staff members.