Personal development for self-advocates, families and community organisations

Bespoke Training the Trainers Courses

Our associate Laurence Clark delivered a 7-week training the trainers course to disabled people from Disability Equality North West to empower them to deliver disability equality action training themselves.


Young, Disabled and Sexual: Dispelling the Myths around Disability and Relationships

Our associate Adele Hoskison-Clark has led this programme which brings together practitioners and young disabled people, enabling professionals to understand the specific issues they encounter when attempting to access sexual health services. The session also allows young people to access peer support and discuss issues relevant to them.


Skill Building Workshops: understanding services and decision-making processes

Our associate Adele Hoskison-Clark delivered a programme of skills and confidence-building workshops aimed at parents of disabled children for Oldham Council.


Developing family and person-centred plans

Our associate Pauline Doyle has led on this programme. It aims to support families through sharing their own experiences to gain a better understanding of services and reflect on different relationships now and in the future.


An introduction to mindfulness

Our associate Dene Donalds has delivered a number of introductions to mindfulness for people with learning disabilities, people with early onset dementia, families and staff members.