Making information & events accessible

Translating documents into easy read

Our associates Jason Rhodes and Vicki Hornby have supported many organisations to translate documents into more accessible formats. Laurence Clark and Adele Hoskison-Clark translated the regional autism strategy self-assessment report into easy read for NHS North West. In 2010 Laurence Clark and Vicki Hornby brought together volunteers with learning disabilities from across the north-west to produce an easy read guide to controlling your support and a supplementary guide to self-directed support at work.


Graphic facilitation

The team have provided support to many conferences and meetings to assist organisations develop local capacity or simply record important meetings in an accessible way that provides a valuable record.


Accessible event planning and facilitation

Our events management team Danielle Johnson and Mark Shackleton, in partnership with IC Jason Rhodes have supported many organisations to run successful, accessible events and can provide support with all aspects of events management.


Conference speakers and MCs

Our associates Jason Rhodes, Mark Shackleton, Laurence Clark, Adele Hoskison-Clark, Dene Donalds and Lynn James-Jenkinson have been keynote speakers at many local, regional and national events including the Regional self-advocates forum conference and the NW conference for NHS Equality and Diversity leads.


Forum theatre presentations on equality and diversity issues in health and social care

Our associates Laurence Clark, Vicki Hornby and Adele Hoskison-Clark have led on the development of a range of forum theatre productions to support discussion on issues around equality and human rights.  This has so far been delivered for NHS North West and the regional self-advocates conference with a grant from Awards for All.


Consultancy on access, equality and diversity issues

Our associate Colin Elliott had the senior management lead in Manchester City Council on Equality for adult social care, including overseeing equality impact assessments.