Short Term Support Archive

This page will bring together information and resources discussed at and generated by the quartely North West Short Term Support network.

Below are a presentation and documentations discussed at the April 2004 meeting

Presentation on Matrix Assessment by Nick Morey

The Matrix Assessment

The Matrix Assessment Part Two

Matrix Assessment Allocation Tool Information Sheet


In April 2004 the network asked local authorities to send information about local short term support services. To view the information recieve so far click here.

Listed below are some addtional document / reports –

Breaking Point – Minimum Standards Guarantee Consultation Paper . Mencap is seeking input from as wide a range of interested parties as possible to assist us in drawing up a realistic and workable Minimum Standards Guarantee for the provision of short break services.

Short Term Support Services Working Together, A Snapshot of Services and the Issues that Concern Them .This report by Rob Henstock provides a snapshot of short-term support services in the aftermath of the publication of the White Paper.

Health Information Checklist – This document has been put together for use by Short Term Support Services (in the absence of Health Action Plans).