Person Centred Planning Archive

Work in Progress: Implementing Person Centred Planning in Oldham, 2000

Work in Progress: Person Centred Planning in Oldham, 2000 (Summary)

Person Centred Planning – a resource guide, 1999

Positive Rituals and Quality of Life – this timeless classics has been added to the Articles section. (10/2002).

Two new articles A Plan is not Enough – Exploring the Development of Person Centred Teams and Person Centred Teams have been added to the Articles section (added 07/2002).

Details of the Person Centred Planning Approaches, Conference and Course Details 2002 – 2003 have been added to the main events page. For details of the conferences and courses click hereTo download the booking form click here (added 04/2002)

The Essential Lifestyle Planning – a handbook for facilitators, by Michael Smull & Helen Sanderson with Bill Allen is now available.  For further details an ordering please contact Sue Canavan

Some example ELP’s, Kaths ELPJanes ELP and Janes Action Plan, have been added to the Articles and Examples page (10/2001)