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Reshaping Services – Notes from the NWTDT workshop (8th March 2001)

HOUSING TENANCIES: tenancy, agreements and legal capacity, the application of the Care Standards Act, succeeding to a tenancy and subletting by Maurice Harker and Nigel King

Developing better access to Primary Health Care Services for Adults with a Learning Disability

ILF Claims for People with Learning Difficulties Who Have Lived in Hospital

The Care Standards Act 2000

Supporting People – Changes to Housing and Support Funding

Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities.

Inclusive Education Resources.

Networking in Community Building.

Natural Supports.


From Domination to Partnership.

Contrasting Approaches to Recruiting Relationships.

Sexual Abuse of Adults with Learning Disabilities.

What’s Worth Working For?

Cultures in Services and Community.

Physical Access to Schools.

Ethnic Minorities and Learning Disabilities Resources.

Limitations of setting up a small business for people with learning disabilities.

Choking and Major Tranquillisers.

Supported Living.

Maternal Nutrition in Preventing Disability.

Facilitated Communication.

Down’s Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Prevalence Trends in Learning Disability.

Financing Supported Housing.

Person Centred Planning.

Rambling for All.

Assertiveness Training.

The Policy Context for Partnership of Users and Carers with Policymakers.

Disability on the Internet.

Resourced Schools.