Policy Briefing – December 2013

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Pathways Associates Policy Briefing – October 2013

This is a new, regular bulletin for learning disability commissioners and other associated professionals in the northwest.

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word_icon_largePolicy Briefing December 2013 – Word Version


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  1. In this issue:
    1. Government Response to The Francis Enquiry
    2. Independent Living Fund Update
    3. Dementia Action Alliance Launch 20th November 2013
    4. Public Health England Cold Weather Plan for England 2013
    5. Local Council’s Response to Financial Challenges
    6. Coping with the Cuts? Local Government and Poorer Communities
    7. Local authority support for people who employ PAs Health and Housing Hub  Improving the Health and Wellbeing of People with Learning Disabilities
    8. Health and Housing Hub
    9. Improving the Health and Wellbeing of people with Learning Disabilities
    10. Roll Out of Personal Independence Payment Delayed
    11. The Right for Disabled People to Move Support from One Local Authority to Another
    12. Inclusion London’s Legal Update
    13. The Adult Social Care Outcomes Website
    14. The Inclusion North Advocacy Project
    15. Blog: ‘Why social workers should care about home ownership for disabled people’
    16. The National Learning Disabilities Awards
    17. Learning Disability Commissioning – Finding Common Purpose
    18. Learning Disabilities Good Practice Project Report

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