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I am not sure that its fully understood the scope of things NWTDT get involved in that I am sure would be of interest, and use to you locally in improving services and supports for people with a learning disability and their families in partnership with those people.

You might be wondering what you have got for your subscription so we have put together a short summary of some of the things we have been doing this year, some of which have brought in additional funding which supports the agenda right across the North West. This does not include the more individual local support you will be more familiar with.
Please take 5 minutes to have a look as I know it will be helpful to you and I hope pleasantly surprise you that this support is often available to you as part of your subscription to NWTDT or for a heavily subsidised daily rate for subscribers of £390 per day because we are your not for profit organisation sat firmly within the public sector hosted by Salford City Council set up by you to support you in 1984.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you think we can assist with, we have a wide range of associates working with us with lots of experience and sometimes are so familiar we might become invisible to you – just ask I bet we will surprise you.
Thank you for all your support



(some of this work has helped us bring in additional resources which help us keep our costs down for our subscribers and help us fund our shared wok plan)


  • As a team, and with your help, we have developed a proposal for NW ADASS, CCG’s, Local Area Teams, Public Health and Children’s Services to improve strategic planning and coordination of learning disability work across localities and sectors. When the implementation of these proposals is complete, within the next 3 months, our (and our subscribers) ability to represent local views/issues etc. to government thus giving North West agencies, self-advocates and family/carers greater influence over policy and resourcing decisions will improve. Links into the professional associations of those organisations via a ‘Regional Board’ will also help with that.
  • Pauline, Dene and Laurence have been working with North Lancashire on a programme looking to Deliver Dignity across services to Older Citizens. This has involved an audit of existing provision, 2 cohorts of managers receiving coaching and mentoring support, 2 cohorts of providers using Welcome Values to audit the dignity standards within their services, creating action plans to improve and some sessions using a technique called appreciative inquiry to support wider thinking about dignity. The programme is being evaluated and we will share that, with permission from those involved.
  • Janice has worked hard supporting everyone develop, evaluate and validate the Self-Assessment Framework across the North West and also across the North East. Janice and Colin have supported one of the NHS Area Teams to develop and coordinate an improvement plan to help them to move forward on key priorities identified in the SAF. The Being Healthy sub group will be using the findings to develop a support programme for subscribers. In 2014/15 Janice will only be able to support those areas who subscribe to NWTDT. If you are not sure whether you do or don’t ask lynn.james-jenkinson@nwtdt.com
  • Colin and Janice secured a tender to work with Sheffield CCG which involves production of a report to map the barriers and potential solutions to providing the most effective primary care to people with a learning disability in Sheffield.  We will also be creating transferable guidance for primary care describing the complex economy of Health and Social Care delivery and how GPs and Practise Nurses fit with that as well as offering practical suggestions along the way for how practises can overcome common issues facing primary care. We will share the process we have used shortly, this may be something that could be useful to subscribers locally too?
  • Janice has led some work supporting areas to roll out the Health Equalities Framework and is planning some workshops for social care providers across the NW linking the HEF with the Health Charter for providers.
  • Pauline and Donna are working with individuals in various areas across the northwest supporting the development of individual support plans. They are working with individuals, families, providers and commissioners to look at new options that will bring people home, or support people to remain local, this is linked to the work you are doing in relation to Winterbourne.
  • In response to Winterbourne View and the need to ensure that the workforce develops new skills and the capacity to support people with complex needs and behaviours that are challenging we have arranged for Gary LaVigna to deliver a 4 day IABA training course in June 2014. We have been able to provide some free places for family members and offered reduced rates to each Learning Disability Partnership Board area to ensure that the course is accessible.
  • The North West Positive Behaviour Support Network continues to go from strength to strength receiving national recognition. Dave, Janice, Pauline and Dene are in the process of developing a work plan for 2014/15 to support individuals, families, supports and services.
  • Laurence and Colin have been producing the monthly Policy Bulletin which will only be available to subscribers from 1st April. Self-Advocates and Families will still get it of course.
  • Dene, Cathy and Liam have been piloting the eLearning tool developed through the Health Equalities Group, this will be ready to roll out later his year.
  • Dene has facilitated a large review of Provider Services in Lancashire using the Welcome Values programme, incorporating work around the Driving Up Quality Code. CQC have said they will be looking to see if Providers have signed up to the code as they think it is a ‘good fit’ with the questions they will be asking. The Welcome Values programme involves experts by experience in self-assessing quality which fits well with the Driving Up Quality Code.
  • Quality Health Checker teams will check health services against a set of Health Principles which were written by disabled people to show what they expected from their health services. Dene and Janice have worked with a group of self-advocates who we have trained to work as Quality of Health Checkers they will be auditing the quality of health care provision and reporting nationally through our links with Changing our Lives
  • Phil, Cathy, Danielle, Mark and Jason, have made some fabulous events happen for you including our Gala dinner, All About Us Fundraising and hosted the wonderful North West Self-Advocates 3 day conference in Blackpool attended by over 180 people which supports you get direct feedback from the people it’s all about. Have a look here to see what we got up to – http://blog.pathwaysassociates.co.uk/postconf14/
  • Sue and Janice have facilitated and will be validating the unique NW Mental Health Self-Assessment Framework which has been recognised as good practise nationally.


On top of this we have continued to support each area, facilitated the Regional Self- Advocates and Families Forums (which have really helped commissioners in terms of the vital consultation work you have to do) and linked these to the National Forum and National Valuing Families Forum. We have facilitated the Lead Officers meetings, delivered lots of community connections, person centred thinking and support planning training, welcome values reviews and much more…………

We will be writing to each commissioner during the next few months to outline the ‘core offer’ for subscribers and to start to develop too the ‘local offer’ for each subscriber which might involve support locally particularly in relation to the findings of the self-assessment framework, links to your partnership boards etc.

And finally ………..


My Life My Way local charity are hosting the All About Us fundraising period for us again starting at the beginning of learning disability awareness week on 16th June and ending with a Gala dinner, which you are welcome to join us at, on 18th September. During that time we will be supporting local advocacy organisations run their own ‘sponsored events’. Any funds they raise will be taken off the cost of their delegate places at the Regional Self-Advocates Conference in Blackpool next year,  self-advocates are keen to do something to help themselves and make sure conference happens. Also during that period you will be able to nominate someone from your area for the Derek Russell North West Outstanding Leadership Award.

This year’s winner was Lizzie McClennen from Lancashire.

To find out more follow this link – http://blog.pathwaysassociates.co.uk/all-about-us-2014/

Thank you all for your continued support and your help with the review of support we did this year which I hope you can see we are responding too. Only 5 CCGs and 2 Local Authorities did not subscribe last year which is remarkable and I hope this year we can help them and you to continue to see the value of subscription locally and in a wider context by continuing to support your ‘regional glue’ in terms of getting things right for people with a learning disability and their families, there is a lot to do but if we continue to stick together we can do it, we are here to help you.


Thank you from all at NWTDT.

Lynn James-Jenkinson (07970900226)

NWTDT/ Pathways Associates CIC


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