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Learning From Care and Treatment reviews – 29th September 2016

Thank you all for joining us at the Kings House Conference Center Manchester, it gave us a great chance to work together to make a difference for children and young people in the North West.

You joined us at our  free event so that we could –
•Reflect on current practice and what is working or not working locally particularly in relation to
Children and Young People
•Receive an update from the National Team following the review of the Care and Treatment Review
•Share good practice & achievements
•Contribute to feedback for the wider system that can improve regional & local working
Below are the Links to the presentations

Below are a few Pictures from the Day – Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like more information or want to be put in touch with the teams leading the Transformation work in your area.

Gala Dinner 2016

We had a ball with all our friends and Colleagues at our Annual Gala Dinner at the Hilton Blackpool.

Here a few pics, can you see you yourself?

Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation Of Liberty (DoLS) Events 2015

Pathways and NWTDT,  held 5 FREE events to find out what people with Learning Disabilities, their Families and Friends, Providers and Commissioners think.

The Government has written new rules about the Mental  Capacity Act.The Mental Capacity Act is about protecting people who cannot make some decisions for themselves.If you cannot make your own decisions then sometimes you may have to stay somewhere like a hospital or center. There are rules about deciding if someone should go to a  hospital or center. But there have been problems with these rules.

We wanted you to tell us what you thought of the new rules. So that we can let the Government know what you think. The Events went really well with some interesting debates and some strong feedback… we will keep you updated on our progress and post the report when its ready.

Take a look at some picture from the day and the presentation..


DoLS Consultation



Gala Dinner 2015!

We partied hard at our Annual My Life My Way Gala Dinner, at the Hilton Hotel Blackpool we raised some money for next years, 3 Day Regional Forum, Self Advocates Conference. An most importantly we had a ball with old friends and new … take a look at some Photos from the night along with your feedback….

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Advocacy and the Care Act Event


Your views on the Mental Capacity Act

 The Government has written new rules about the Mental  Capacity Act.

The Mental Capacity Act is about protecting people who  cannot make some decisions for themselves.

Pathways held an event to find out what self-advocates, families and professionals think.

Speakers included Richard Copson from Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

We talked about what would happen if you cannot make your own decisions, and how sometimes you may have to stay somewhere like a hospital or centre.

We also talked about the  rules about deciding if someone should go to a hospital or centre.

We spoke about the different problems there has been with these rules,  and the delegates told us what their views were about this.

This Event was over subscribed and we had to rearrange the plan for the day to accommodate everyone, see our photos from the day and the presentation from Richard Copson below.

advocacy and the care act

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No Voice Unheard, No Right Ignored 

On 12th May 2015 we held and Even to get the views of self-advocates and families on this Government consultation.

The Event was held at the GHS Center in Preston

We want to hear your views on how people can:

  • Be supported to live independently as part of the community.


  • Challenge decisions about being placed in an Assessment and Treatment Unit.


  • Challenge decisions about them and about their care
  • Know that their views will be listened to.


  • Have control over their support with a Personal Health Budget.


  • Have different health and local services fit around their needs


  • Know that professionals are looking after their physical health needs as well as their mental health needs.


  • Know that their rights are protected in law.

The Event was successful and our Guest Speaker was Richard Huggins Father of Connor Sparrowhawk Laughing Boy and Leader of #LBBILL Justice for Connor Campaign

Find out more about Conner and LB BILL here

No voice unheard – consultation report for DH No voice unheard – consultation with self-advocates – Easy Read

Here are some photos from the event: