Derek Russell Outstanding Leadership Award

Who’s your unsung hero or heroine? Who do you think is so inspiring they deserve to be recognised for their Outstanding Leadership in the North West?

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ContractWe are looking to find our Outstanding Leaders for 2019. (You cannot nominate yourself)

They must be 18+ They must be someone with a learning disability They must live and be working in the North West of England. Your evidence must be about things the person has done in the North West The one thing they must be is extraordinary!   pdf_iconDownload the Flyer Here

  Create a video of yourself telling us 3 examples of the work of the person in the North West including references from 5 self-advocates and one local lead officer from health or social care (If you choose).

Your nomination should explain what the person has done and the difference it has made.

GoalsHere are some examples of things the person may have been involved which makes them an Outstanding Leader to give you some ideas –

– Been involved in finding out what local people want to change and agreeing priorities for action – Been involved in making a plan for how to achieve those priorities – Motivated and inspired the people around them to accomplish more than they may have – Inspired high level commitment from lots of places to achieve the goal. – Has a vision of the future and helps others to understand how they can help – Works as part of a team and on behalf of the team to achieve a goal – Seizes opportunities to make things happen – Communicates in a manner which is fair, straightforward, honourable and open – Sets high standards – Achieved what they set out to do or understands what they may do differently next time……….

VideoConferenceSend us your video clip!

Once you’ve got your nomination together, with references from 5 self-advocates and, if you like, a local lead officer then you can publish your video in any way you can, including: – upload to you tube if you have an account – upload it to – you don’t need an account for this – email a clip off your phone to – post it to facebook at – record a skype call – please email us first to let us know when you’d like to arrange this and we’ll make sure someone answers the call! -send a dvd to the Pathways Address

Submit Your Registration and Nominate.